slate7-pricedropNormally, one of the most effective strategies when it comes to stimulating sales of a particular device would be to introduce a price drop, but this normally happens quite some time after the product has been in the market – and this strategy seems to work better for devices that have relatively long life cycles rather than fast moving ones. HP, however, has not really learned from their lesson with the webOS-powered tablet when they launched the HP Slate 7 in April this year for $170 a pop – as the company has now dropped the price to just $140, after barely three months in active service.

For $140, you would now be able to bring home the HP Slate 7, but before you do, it would bode you well to check out just what kind of hardware it comes with. The HP Slate 7 would be powered by a dual-core 1.6GHz Rockchip RK3066 processor, a 1024 x 600 pixel display, 1GB RAM, 8GB of internal memory and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean as the operating system of choice. For those who want more storage space, the 16GB model would now cost you $170 instead. Something tells me that the HP Slate 7 is not going to last much longer in the market, how about you?

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