htc_logo1 comes before 2, and A comes before B, but what would arrive before the HTC M8, touted to be the flagship smartphone from HTC next year? Why, that would be a refreshed HTC One, of course. Still, we will not be talking about the updated HTC One this time around, but rather, pinpoint our focus on the 2014 flagship model that will have DNA strains of the HTC One, although it will carry the M8 codename.

I suppose the use of the HTC M8 codename would go some way in reducing the number of potential leaks, and do not be surprised if you hear other codenames being thrown around for the very same device in an effort to throw snooping and curious journalists off the trail. Unfortunately for the whole world, there are neither hardware specifications nor design details of the planned HTC M8 2014 flagship smartphone, so we will keep our eyes peeled even more than usual in order to bring you the latest rumors and potential confirmation of this handset. Do you think that the HTC M8 will arrive in a similar aluminum unibody form factor that we have all come to know and love?

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