There’s no confirmation as yet if Apple really does plan on releasing a budget iPhone this year, though there have been many rumors in favor of that prospect. We’ve heard a number of monikers for this device, iPhone Mini, iPhone Lite and even iPhone 5C. What’s widely believed is that this device will be fashioned out of plastic to keep costs down. We saw iPhone 5C packaging a few days ago, today we see iPhone 5C cases being listed online at Amazon.

Called the Elago S5C Slim Fit 2, these cases are said to be in stock on August 23rd. The iPhone 5C is listed as part of their name, though obviously it can’t be deemed as a confirmation that this is what Apple will end up calling its low cost iPhone. Case manufacturers have been known to gamble on rumors. They rush to get their products out before Apple makes its official announcement, and sometimes in that process they end up taking a hint as what Apple announces turns out to be different from what had been rumored. September 6th is when Apple is expected to unveil its new iPhones.

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