coachtuxLast week Valve took Half-Life 2 for Linux out of its beta, and now it looks like another Valve game has made its out of its Linux beta as well, this time in the form of Left 4 Dead 2. The Linux version of the game and the Extended Mutation System will be joining the full release of Left 4 Dead 2 on Steam, according to the Left 4 Dead website. It certainly looks like Valve has picked up the pace with regards to releasing its games for Linux, especially since it was only back in 2010 that Valve stated that they had no plans for a Steam Linux port.

When it comes to gaming, platforms such as Windows is usually the most popular, followed by releases for Apple’s Mac operating system which is usually followed much later, unless we’re looking at developers such as Blizzard who releases Windows and Mac versions simultaneously. Linux usually gets the short end of the stick and while other developers and publishers have yet to throw their full weight behind support of the open-source operating system, we’re sure that Valve’s efforts are appreciated, even if the games they have released aren’t exactly the latest titles.

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