mario-hdThere are some games from yesteryear that get remade into HD, and while this might be a way for a developer or publisher to garner some renewed interest in the game, some gamers might feel that by making the game “HD”, it kind of ruins the feel to it. The good thing about the Mario franchise is that for the most part, it has been immensely popular, especially the classic and original Super Mario Bros., which thankfully does not need a HD remake to be fun. But what if Nintendo decided that remaking Super Mario Bros. in HD would be a good idea, what might that look like? Well so far Nintendo does not appear to have plans to do so, thankfully, but artist Joao Victor G. Costa has decided to try his hand at reimagining the game in HD, which you can see in the screenshot above. While it does not look bad, it does look a little weird and if it were any other game we would totally welcome it, but what do you guys think? Additional screenshots can be seen at Costa’s website.

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