Considering just how popular Atlus’ Persona 4 was for the company as after it originally released on the PlayStation 2, it found new life in its PS Vita version and even went on to be a successful anime adaptation. That’s why we’re not completely surprised to hear Atlus’ parent company, Index Corporation, has started making moves to secure some properties for the inevitable release of Persona 5.


Index Corporation registered the domain “” on June 25 which could very well mean the company is getting set to make its big announcement. But on the other hand, Index currently doesn’t own similar Persona websites, like “” or “,” so snagging this domain doesn’t necessarily confirm the existence of Persona 5.

Registering the domain does make us raise all of your eyebrows at once as we can’t imagine Index registering the domain for any other reason than to secure it for the upcoming release of Persona 5. Or it could just end up being a really, really mean trick, which we’re sure Persona fans would absolutely not appreciate.

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