pingtimeHow many of you out there love table tennis? Well, if you have a great love for the game of ping pong as it is also affectionately called, then here is a different take on the traditional game of ping pong, where we are talking about Pingtime – an augmented reality ping pong table which is capable of tracking not only the ball, but also the paddle as well, using that information to churn out cool looking and trippy light shows of the real-time movement. The whole objective of doing so? I believe simply for the fact that it can be done, and nothing else. After all, folks turn up to watch ping pong matches between two (or four, in the case of doubles) players, and not some trippy light show on the ping pong table itself! If they had wanted the latter, they would have been better off attending the latest rave party in town.


This particular augmented reality ping pong table, Pingtime, was developed specially for the 2013 Rokolectiv Festival, with the team comprising of Sergiu Doroftei, Silviu Badea, Ion Cotenescu, and Bogdan Susma, where they used the programming language VVVV to get the job done.

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