sf-new-charsDo you remember all of those brawls that you had with your mates or perhaps, family members over a game of Street Fighter 2 all those years ago? Well, when Street Fighter 3 was announced, it caused quite a buzz, and Street Fighter 4 certainly has its fair share of fans. We are pleased to bring you news that there is a new and obviously huge version update that will make Street Fighter 4 feel like a totally new game – with the inclusion of 5 more new characters, half a dozen stages, as well as huge balance updates that are headed towards the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC versions. Of course, you can opt to pick this up as a $15 update, or decided to take the $40 standalone game route when early 2014 comes around.

The five characters are Hugo Andore, a German farmer and Final Fight veteran, East African princess Elena, who is a doctor and Japanese exchange student, while Hugo’s manager and fellow Final Fight veteran Poison also makes an appearance, with another Final Fight veteran, Rolento, making his presence felt with his signature red scarf and beret, while the fifth character remains unknown, although it is said that he/she will be an original creation.

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