Street Fighter players already know what a formidable opponent Blanka can be as his moves can be completely unpredictable when you’re up against a challenger who knows how to use him correctly. But how unpredictable is Blanka when he’s not being use in a game of Street Fighter? It looks like he’s extremely unpredictable according to some new footage of classic Internet fails that features him doing what he does best: being a complete troll.


YouTube channel currently has two episodes of “Blanka is a Troll” available to watch, and both are fantastic as Blanka has been superimposed into some scenes where his actions have caused many people to completely fall down, injure themselves, or cause huge accidents. It just goes to show Blanka is a completely unpredictable fighter and has no regard for the safety of others, especially when he’s just trying to get a good laugh.

We went ahead and put the first episode of Blanka is a Troll above our story. If you like the video enough to watch another episode, you can do so by checking out the second episode below. Hopefully has more Blanka videos planned as we can’t stop watching them.

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