There are a number of notable Nintendo Wii U games coming out this holiday season as games like Pikmin 3, Rayman Legends and Super Mario 3D World will soon be upon us, but one game we’ve been keeping our eye on as well is Platinum Games’ The Wonderful 101. And lucky for us, there’s a new gameplay trailer showing off some of what we can expect from the game when it released in September.

The new gameplay trailer for The Wonderful 101 mainly focuses on the team’s transformation powers. Depending on the color of the main hero that is currently leading the group, that is what the team will transform into. For example, the red hero will transform the team into a large, magical fist, the blue hero turns the group into a sword, and the pink hero into a whip. Not only can these transformations be used to attack enemies, but they can also interact with the environment, for example, the green hero’s gun can be used to move projectiles.

The Wonderful 101 really looks like it’ll be a game that makes full use of the Nintendo Wii U’s gamepad, especially when you consider just how many things you can have your group do outside of just fighting.

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