We reported on the possibility of Windows 8.1 receiving automatic desktop scaling a few months ago, but it looks like the next version of Microsoft’s Windows operating system may do a little better than offering automatic scaling. It looks like Microsoft will finally be offering better support for high-resolution displays as well as play nice with multi-monitor setups.

One of the first changes Microsoft will be making in Windows 8.1 is allowing users to scale their interface up to 200% of its normal size, where previous versions of Windows only allowed an increase of up to 150%. The result of this would mean better support for computers that support ulra HD displays.

Windows 8.1 will also support per-display DPI scaling, which means if you happen to be running multiple screens, you’ll be able to set the scale of your screens independently. For example, a laptop with a resolution of 1366 x 768 would have its DPI settings at 100% while an external 1080p monitor can be scaled up to 200% of the original scale.

If you’re a Windows user who has been enjoying an ultra HD display, especially if it’s within a multi-screen setup, then this is an update we’re sure you’ve been waiting a long time for.

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