x-arcade-soloFashion is said to recycle itself – what is fashionable in the past, and is not so right now, might just end up being fashionable down the road a few years later. Well, that might be true where haute couture is concerned, but if you were to take technology into the equation, then certainly 640kb of RAM is not enough for everybody, especially in this day and age. The exterior of a computing device, however, might not mind taking a few steps back to the past. Case in point the X-Arcade Solo Joystick that certainly brings an air of retro about it.

Now available for pre-order, the X-Arcade Solo Joystick will ship sometime in early December, which would make it arrive in time for the mad Christmas holiday season where kids will remain glued to the front of the TV with the latest games, while adults talk politics and other current world events over a tipple or two. The X-Arcade Solo Joystick is said to be nigh indestructible, measuring 11” from side to side, using 12lbs of industrial- grade materials. The pre-order will set you back by $99.99 a pop, and it will play nice with PCs, Linux-based machines and Mac machines, too. Console gamers will have to fork out a little bit extra on the side to have it working with their machines.

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