Apple’s much rumored “iRadio” music streaming service was formally announced back in June. The service is quite similar to Pandora, allowing users to listen to tracks that Apple has licensed from record labels. The company currently allows users to tap in to hundreds of independent online radio stations through iTunes on both Windows and Mac. It appears that Apple might be looking to integrate such radio stations in iTunes Radio as well. The company has sent a letter to various internet radio stations, asking them to submit cover art for future use. It is not known right now exactly how Apple will integrate these internet radio stations in to iTunes Radio, which hasn’t been opened up to the public yet.

The letter contains various instructions regarding the cover art files, stations will have to follow them to ensure that their cover art meets the pre-requisites that Apple has laid down. The company says in the letter that cover art for internet radio stations is currently not displayed to users anywhere, though that will obviously change once the stations are rolled out on iTunes Radio.

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