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Free Streaming Of iTunes Radio Has Officially Come To An End
Before Apple Music, there was iTunes Radio which safe to say was definitely not up to par with the competition. This is doubly true now that Apple Music has launched and is apparently catching up with industry veterans like Spotify, so much so that it is understandable that Apple would much prefer to focus on that platform instead.

Apple Is Now Going To Charge For iTunes Radio
iTunes Radio has been a free service ever since it was launched back in 2013, Apple has announced that it’s now making a change to how this service is provided to users. It confirmed through an email sent to Apple Music subscribers that the free iTunes Radio service will now be a subscription-only offering for subscribers.

Apple May Sign Pharrell, David Guetta And Drake As iTunes Radio Guest DJs
Next month at WWDC 2015 Apple is expected to show off its new music streaming service, which may bring together Beats Music and iTunes Radio under one brand. A lot has already been said and written about the new service but so far nothing has been confirmed by Apple. There’s a new report out today which claims that the company is trying to sign some of the biggest names in music right […]

Apple's Beats Music Relaunch Could Hit Roadblock Due To Labels
We have been consistently hearing over the last few months that Apple is working hard to relaunch Beats Music as a new music streaming service, the new service is expected to be unveiled at WWDC 2015 next month. A new report published today claims that record labels are holding out on providing Apple with key licenses which could throw a spanner in the works.


Apple May Kill Beats Music
Well this is interesting. According to a new report Apple is mulling over a possible decision to shut down Beats Music, the music streaming service it got as a packaged deal when it purchased Beats earlier this year. Apparently many engineers have been shifted from Beats Music to other projects at Apple, such as iTunes, but it is not known for sure right now when the service will bite the dust. TechCrunch […]

Head Of Beats Music To Now Head Up iTunes Radio At Apple
As you must have heard by now, Apple’s acquisition of Beats is now official as they have recently announced it on their website. Now there are some who are still trying to figure out how the acquisition of Beats will play into Apple’s plans, or what their plans are for the company, although some believe that it could be a talent grab.While it remains to be seen how true that […]

iTunes Radio UK Release Possible Soon
Late last year Apple released iTunes Radio, its first free ad-support music streaming service. iTunes Radio is only available in select markets right now, Apple has been taking its time in expanding it outside the U.S. Recent reports indicate that Latin America might be the next destination for this service. Before that happens, it is likely that iTunes Radio UK release will take place first.

Apple Reportedly Blocking Music Rivals From Purchasing iAds
Apple’s iTunes Radio is definitely not the first of its kind. In fact the music service has competitors in the form of Pandora. That being said, would it make sense for Apple to allow a rival company to advertise on its iAd platform? Wouldn’t that basically be Apple letting the competition steal its customers away?Well apparently Apple thinks so as well, and according to a music-streaming service based in the […]

Major iTunes Music Store Revamp Possible
A report suggests that Apple is considering a “dramatic overhaul” of the iTunes music store in a bid to plug declining music downloads. Late last year the company launched iTunes Radio, a free ad-supported music streaming service that also gives listeners the ability to purchase tracks. But it doesn’t look like the service helped much in controlling declining sales.

iTunes Radio Will Now Feature Content From NPR
Apple is quite evidently trying to improve its Pandora competitor, which hasn’t exactly proven to be the “Pandora Killer” everybody thought it would be. Still, iTunes Radio has established itself as a bona fide music streaming service. Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed in October last year that over 1 billion songs had been streamed through the service. Since then the company hasn’t given an update about iTunes Radio’s performance. To expand […]

Apple Spotify Rival Release Possible [Report]
Before Apple launched iTunes Radio, word on the street was that the company was working on a Pandora killer. iTunes Radio was launched late last year and it has grown substantially since then. If latest rumors are true, Apple may be turning its focus towards an on-demand streaming service. That would essentially be an Apple Spotify rival, and apparently the company has already opened up “exploratory talks” with senior music […]

iOS 8 Might Bring iTunes Radio As A Separate App
In just a few months Apple is expected to make major software related announcements. Its annual Worldwide Developers Conference is where new versions of iOS and OS X are unveiled. This year its iOS 8’s turn. Rumors about what its going to bring are already floating. Several sources “briefed on the plans” claim that iTunes Radio is going to come as a separate application on iOS 8. Currently it exists […]

Amazon Music Streaming Service Rumored
First rumored back in 2013, the possibility that an Amazon music streaming service may be on the horizon has surfaced once again. Back then it was rumored that Amazon had held informal talks with music industry executives. But no service materialized. The Wall Street Journal is now reporting that Amazon has begun courting major record labels for its new music service. The service may rival iTunes Radio, which has been […]

Pandora Sees A 9% Increase In Listeners Following iTunes Radio's Launch
When iTunes Radio was first rumored, it was said to be Pandora’s direct competitor and given how Apple has established their iTunes platform, it wouldn’t be such a stretch of the imagination. Well fast forward a few months last, it seems that iTunes Radio isn’t doing much to win over Pandora subscribers, with reports claiming that only a small percentage of Pandora users had decided to jump ship to iTunes […]