area-51When it comes to secrets, the government has plenty of them, but how good are they at keeping it? Area 51 has for the longest time been a conversation topic that has split opinions, as to whether little green men were experimented on there before, to other kinds of conspiracy theories. Well, one thing’s for sure – Area 51 is an extremely special place, as recently released CIA documents did officially acknowledge Area 51, although the real purpose of its existence is a whole lot less “glamorous”, so to speak.

The released CIA documents were accompanied by a map of the base’s fabled location in Nevada, but it was not the place for extraterrestrials – rather, Area 51 happened to be a testing site for the government’s U-2 and OXCART aerial surveillance programs. The U-2 program actually proved to be an instrumental player in keeping tabs on everyone in the world, even over the Soviet Union during the Cold War. I guess with the bubble being burst, conspiracy theorists whose slogan remains “I want to believe” will just say that the revealed CIA documents are nothing but a smokescreen and a red herring, and will continue in their search for the “truth”. What do you think of having the fable that is Area 51 deconstructed?

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