dungeon-keeperIf you were already gaming back in the 90’s, chances are you might have played or have heard the game Dungeon Keeper, a PC strategy game made by Bullfrog Productions under Peter Molyneux. The good news is that if you thoroughly enjoyed the game back in the day and wouldn’t mind reliving some of it for nostalgic purposes, you’re in luck as it seems that the game has been announced for mobile devices and will arrive on both iOS and Android this winter, although no specific dates were mentioned. There was also no mention of how much the game could cost, but some are speculating that the game could be free-to-play given EA’s recent releases so far.

For those unfamiliar, Dungeon Keeper places the gamer in the role of the, well, dungeon keeper, and instead of relying on more traditional storylines that place the gamer in the shoes of the hero slaying the demons and monsters, the gamer takes on the role of the monsters and is tasked to prevent the heroes from entering and stealing their treasure. It is a pretty unique take and while games that reverse the roles are somewhat common these days, back then it was a pretty big deal and if you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, you might want to keep an eye out for its release.

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