dark-souls2In order to keep your customers happy, you have got to know just what they want, and knowing that alone is not enough since it would make perfect sense to follow up thereafter. The thing is, sometimes even the customer themselves do not know what they want, and it is up to a company to blaze a trail that no one else has forged before, in essence, creating a whole new market. Well, Namco falls under the first category this time around concerning Dark Souls, and this coming October 5th, it is said that Namco will be hosting a Dark Souls 2 closed beta for the PS3 – which would be a few months before the final game hits the market.

Of course, it goes without saying that a game or an app for that matter that remains in beta would translate to potential problems down the road, but I am quite sure that the benefits would far outweigh the “cost”, as you get to have a go at the game a whole lot earlier than others, and not only that, you are willing to be the “guinea pig” for the developer to weed out whatever bugs that might arise from the game. From September 5th onwards, Namco will start to flood the Dark Souls 2 Facebook page with news and updates concerning registration for the closed beta, so you know where to go to then, no?

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