darpa-warrior-webSoldiers are extremely tough people, but even then, they are more susceptible to load-related injuries whenever they are on the field compared to us ordinary folk simply for the fact that these brave men and women tend to walk across for long distances with over 100 pounds of additional weight on their backs because of the gear that they need to carry – which further increases the potential for both injury and exhaustion is great. DARPA hopes to reverse that with the Warrior Web suit project, where it will carry the intention of lightening the load.

Exoskeleton research is not something new, but so far no one has yet stumbled upon a practical exoskeleton that can be used on the field, such as the one seen in Elysium. The Warrior Web suit intends to be different, however, where it features a light, flexible and soft suit that can be worn not on the outside, but rather, under a soldier’s standard uniform and gear. It will offer protection to the joints and lower back by augmenting the strength in those areas, and hopefully if implemented, it will be able to result in in fewer injuries, less fatigue, and additional physical endurance. Hopefully the cost would not be too detrimental in the long run though.

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