fashionglass_610x443Personally speaking Google Glass looks good to me, but then again I expect that not everyone shares my opinion and there are those who might be wishing that the gadget could look more fashionable, or perhaps more “normal” so as to blend in with our everyday fashion. Well for those who are wishing for something like that to happen, you could be getting your wish as a new design of Google Glass (pictured above) was posted on Isabelle Olsson’s Google+ page. For those unfamiliar, Olsson is the lead industrial designer of the Glass team and we have to say we are liking this new design.

Upon first glass you could be hard pressed to tell the model (Google Glass marketing manager Amanda Rosenberg) was actually sporting Glass on her face as it looks like she’s just wearing a pair of regular prescription glasses. While the current Glass design is good and does look futuristic, this new design injects a bit of “life” into the proceedings and gives it a bit of a personality. Granted this particular design is not for everyone, but it goes to show that more “regular” design Glasses could be in the card in the future. What do you guys think? Is this a Google Glass you could get on board with?

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