The quick answer listings in Google Search save a lot of time. They pull up the best possible answer to a query and display it on top of all search results, the answers are almost always spot on. What if you’re looking for more detail on a specific topic? Google says that its research indicates more than 10 percent of users need more than a quick answer to their queries every day, so that’s why it is updating Google search to show in-depth articles alongside quick answers. The results will include comprehensive papers, lengthy blog posts from both well known as well as less known publications and blogs.

The feature will be completely rolled out over the next few days, initially only available through in English. For example, searching for censorship would bring up pieces from publications such as The Guardian and Wall Street Journal, so would searching about legos, population growth, art, engineering, e-waste and a lot more. Conventional search results will be shown alongside these in-depth articles, so if you don’t like what Google search displays in this particular section, you can always manually labor through the search results to find what you’re looking for.

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