google-trekker-canalsWe have seen how the Google Trekker has gone places in the past, where it has enabled one to capture Street View imagery using a backpack even in the most remote locations around the world. Well, the UK is going to get some Google Trekker lovin’ soon, starting with the country’s 200-year old canals and rivers as it goes on loan there. The canal that will be bestowed with the honor of Google Trekker’s “visit” would be Regent’s Canal in London, where over the course of the next month, it will involve walking the Google Trekker for more than 100 miles so that footage of some of the country’s most scenic waterway locations can be immortalized online, and will we be able to find another Tardis make an appearance?

The Trekker is used in this case as it can capture 360 degree imagery in public locations, seeing action in areas and locales where the Street View car and Trike are unable to go through, which means the narrow waterway footpaths and bridges would make the Trekker feel right at home. Each Google Trekker comprises of a four feet long, 40lbs backpack, that has been specially fitted with a 15-angle lens camera, and it will capture 360 degree pictures every 2.5 seconds, where these will eventually be added to Street View.

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