We’re seeing some amazing innovation in watches these days, big companies and small startups alike are working to create smartwatches that do much more than just tell time. Pebble is a well known example, the project was crowdfunded and now the smartwatch is available through Best Buy. Agent smartwatch is yet another prime example. They link up to a smartphone and are able to display feeds, notifications and what not, but none of them are able to make calls. Here’s where HOT Watch comes in, which connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 and allows you to make or receive calls in completely privacy through the smartwatch itself.


The patent pending Hands on Talk Technology enables you to do all of that without even touching your smartphone. The watch vibrates when someone calls, you just need to cup your palm around your ear. A directional speaker at the bottom of the wrist bounces sound off the palm for a private call, the same module contains a microphone. So essentially the palm functions as a receiver. Call features are governed by gestures, to reject a call you simply have to shake the hand during an incoming call. Dropping the hand mid-conversation mutes the call, and simply waving goodbye will end the call.

HOT Watch also displays Facebook notifications, Twitter feed, messages, emails and more on its 1.26 inch E-paper display. It also functions as a calorie counter. The feature list is really quite extensive. Four models of the HOT Watch will be available, Basic, Classic, Edge and Curve. It should be mentioned here that this is a crowdfunded project on Kickstarter. The project started taking pledges on July 31st, it has received $343,310 in pledges as of this writing, more than double the original $150,000 goal. There’s obvious interest in this smartwatch. Right now the lowest you can pledge for the Basic HOT Watch is $119, delivery is estimated to take place in December 2013.

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