hyperloopElon Musk, a California billionaire, finally removed the wraps surrounding his vision of the future – which will obviously involve the “Hyperloop” transport system. The Hyperloop transport system will theoretically rely on a solar-powered network of crash-proof capsules which is capable of allowing folks to commute between San Francisco and Los Angeles in just half an hour. Just in case Elon Musk sounds familiar to you, that is because he is the chief executive of electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors Inc., and with his Hyperloop transport system, should it be successful, would definitely change the way intercity transportation is done. Unfortunately, two “Goliaths” that come up against this idea would be safety and financing.


It is said to cost anywhere around $6 billion, while the construction time will take approximately 7 to 10 years. It is hoped that should it be successful, the Hyperloop transport system will be able to transport approximately 7 million people annually along one of the U.S. West Coast’s busiest traffic corridors. It is said that up to 28 passengers can ride in each pod, and the system is also good for transporting vehicles. If you were a California native, would you wish Elon Musk every success in his quest to deliver a more efficient public transport system?

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