We’ve heard a lot of rumors over the past few months that Microsoft is working on the next generation Surface tablets. The company’s tablet hasn’t exactly won over the market, in fact Microsoft took a $900 million hit because of it. They’ve slashed prices and offered them to schools at a fraction of the original price, but all of that hasn’t translated into success for the tablet. Perhaps Microsoft will have better luck with the next generation Surface tablets. Rumor has it that Surface 2 might drop the “RT” for good.

AdDuplex claims to have spotted new Surface tablets accessing its Windows ad network regularly. The devices that appear are named “Microsoft Corporation Surface 2” and “Microsoft Corporation Surface with Windows 8.1 Pro.” The first one will be running Windows RT like the current Surface RT does. Nothing has been confirmed right now though, this is merely an observation. The difference between RT and Pro Surface tablets isn’t limited to the OS, Pro comes with much better hardware and subsequently costs much more. Would it make any difference at all if Microsoft decided not to attach the “RT” label to its entry level next generation Surface tablet? After all, it doesn’t really have any relation to the tablet’s performance and design, the two key factors upon which its success is going to be determined.

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