nexus-7-sleeve-saleThose of you who have already purchased the recently announced Nexus 7 would be pleased to hear that it is time to play Barbie with your spanking new tablet – and by that, I mean dressing it up in its coming share of accessories, of course, and not to wrap a ribbon around it! The latest accessory for the new Nexus 7 would come in the form of a sleeve, where you can find it on the Google Play Store so that your tablet will remain protected from any accidental knocks, scratches or drops.


Unfortunately, the price tag is not something that looks to inviting – and when you factor in the rather obscene shipping costs, Nexus 7 owners might want to think twice. After all, the Nexus 7 itself is a looker, so a sleeve might cramp your style, if you know what I mean. The new sleeve itself will cost $29.99 a pop, not to mention a whopping $17.68 in shipping costs where standard shipping times apply. Ouch! Not only that, while this might be the first sleeve to roll out for the Nexus 7 on the Google Play store, you can bet your bottom, hard earned dollar that it will far from the last! Now for us to sit back and wait for a deluge of color options to arrive in due time.

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