Mom always said never to play with your food while you eat, and you can follow her advice to a ‘T’, except that this time you would be playing while you eat – and not with your food. This is made possible thanks to a couple of Royal College of Art students who discovered a new method in making eating sessions fun, although I do wonder what kind of diet one would have to go through to have a meal in drab circumstances and a sombre mood. Aren’t meals celebrations most of the time? What you see above is known as the Pixelate, courtesy of Sures Kumar and Lana Z. Porter.

Pixelate has been described as a “Guitar-Hero-style eating game”, where players will have a single minute to gobble down as many food items as possible – but it is not all a random, frenzied eating session, as you will have to do so in a correct, pre-determined order. The hardware of Pixelate has been customized, where you will find displays built into the surface right in front of each player/diner. The displays then show off select foods, telling players what to eat, and when, while determining their performance by measuring the food’s resistance on their fork.

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