We did talk about how Angry Birds Star Wars II will make use of the presence of physical toys in order to “summon” characters into the game – not exactly the newest concept in town, but it certainly adds a different dimension into what is most probably an overworked franchise that should have been shot down and slaughtered some time back. After all, the basic premise of the game still remains the same, and it is more or less putting in old wine into new wineskins, with some modifications made to the vintage. This has not stopped Nintendo from working on Pokémon Rumble U, which will obviously be headed towards the Nintendo Wii U, while sporting the use of NFC figures.


The Wii U eShop title is already available in Japan, although it will only make its way to Europe this coming August 15th, before finding landfall on North America near the end of this month, that is, August 29th. Pokémon Rumble U is the sequel to the 3DS title Pokémon Rumble Blast, where it will boast of Pokémon from all five generations, while making use of the Wii U’s NFC capabilities that will sport optional figures (in other words: another way to get you to spend more money).

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