One of the chips which can be found within the heart of a smartphone that has certainly looks set to impress the masses in the days and months ahead would be the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, and we do know that it will also make a bow in the Galaxy S4 Active, LG G2 as well as the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Well, apart from an obvious increase in clock speeds, there is another feature about the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 which will certainly impress – that is, the integrated support for always-on voice recognition.

In a nutshell, this would mean that should hardware manufacturers decide to go ahead and support this particular function, then you can expect the latest slew of Android-powered flagship devices to receive a similar feature, the Moto X included. With the always-on voice recognition, it paves the way for features like Motorola’s Open Mic to take a bow, making it possible to interact with your device solely simply by speaking to it without having to go through the unlocking process. Well, do you think an always-on voice recognition feature is something that would influence your purchase decision down the road, or would you still prefer your fingers to do all the “talking”?

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