I am quite sure that despite the many issues that players of the most recent SimCity iteration had to go through, they endured it simply because of their love for the game. I too, was hooked by the SimCity bug back in my PC gaming days, but the last SimCity game that I gave a shot was SimCity 2000. Yeah, it was that long ago. Having said that, just like how games have gotten more and more complex, so too, do they reflect what goes on in the real world like the latest iteration of SimCity, with teething traffic problems cropping up. Here’s your chance to fix your city’s traffic problems with the latest update, which will deliver road bridges and tunnels to help alleviate the daily gridlock.

With SimCity update 7, Maxis has introduced bridges and tunnels to help you figure out a logistical solution to your sprawling metropolis’ traffic woes. Apart from that, there is also a spanking new raise/lower tool which is capable of increasing your city’s prospects one six meter increment at a time. Pressing ‘M’ will raise your road, while pressing ‘N’ will lower it. Do you think that this will help you enjoy your game a whole lot more?

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