As someone who wears glasses for the majority of my life, I can tell you just how important eye exams are, especially if there’s a small bit of change in my eyes. Being able to see the world with as much detail as possible is extremely important for me, especially when it comes to work. Unfortunately, not everyone can get to an eye doctor, especially if they live in remote parts of the world. A new smartphone-based portable eye exam kit, called Peek, is hoping to help those suffering eye problems without having to lug around expensive equipment.

The way Peek works is through a combination of its clip-on hardware and mobile application, which when combined can turn an Android smartphone into a portable eye examination device. The application contains a number of features, such as geotagging which makes it easier to locate a patient, as well as several eye tests such as visual field, tests to gauge the clearness of vision, color vision, retinal imaging and image grading to name a few.

Peek is currently being developed in London by a team of researchers who are currently in Kenya in order to field-test the application. At this point, the Peek researchers are planning on performing a range of studies with their app, and are currently open to suggestions for its use and collaborations.

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