When it comes to the Internet, the U.S. has consistently been the laughing stock of the world considering we pretty much invented the Internet, to only be snickered at whenever mention of our nation’s average Internet speeds. Asian countries have been known to have some amazing Internet speeds at extremely reasonable prices, while the U.S. barely compares to their speeds and pay much more for our service. But there is one thing the Internet can thank us for, and it’s for being the largest adult content provider in the world.


MetaCert’s Paul Walsh discovered 60% of all adult content hosted on the Internet is hosted within the U.S. with a total of 428 million page views. The next country to serve nearly as much adult content as the U.S. is the Netherlands, which serves about 26% of Internet smut, or approximately 187 million pages. After the Netherlands, the U.K. comes in at a respectable third place with 52 million pages of adult content.

It’s interesting to see such results considering how taboo the discussion of pornography is in the U.S. If you travel outside of the country, the topic of sex is openly discussed. We may not have the fastest Internet in the world, but when it comes to pornography, go forth and be proud that the U.S. is #1!

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