usb31The USB 3.0 standard has been around for a fair number of years now, where it experienced a quantum leap when it came to data transfer speeds between USB devices compared to USB 2.0. Well, after some time, things do age and one ought to look forward into the future and roll out an update. What comes next after USB 3.0? USB 4.0? Apparently not, as we now have heard that USB 3.1 is in the pipeline, as the new specification has just been approved by the USB 3.0 Promoter Group. One of the main improvements from USB 3.0 to USB 3.1 would be the data transfer speed, where we are looking at a theoretical maximum data transfer speed of 10Gbps on USB 3.1, making it double the theoretical limit of USB 3.0 connectivity.

While it is not a 10 times increase in speed, it is still something worth mulling over – 10Gbps is no laughing matter. Now, all we need to do is for USB 3.1 to be officially approved and released before manufacturers start to flood the market with USB 3.1 compatible devices. You will be glad to hear that backward compatibility is maintained with older devices, meaning you can still plug a USB 2.0 flash drive into it, although the maximum data transfer speed would be capped according to USB 2.0 standards.

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