Earlier today we reported that Amazon had listed a product page for the next generation Kindle Paperwhite out of the blue. Soon after the slip up made headlines on the internet, the product page was pulled. Amazon has now officially launched the all-new Kindle Paperwhite, they don’t really have anything much to report on it given that most details about the new Paperwhite were revealed when the product page prematurely went up today.

Starting today, the new Kindle Paperwhite can be pre-ordered from Amazon’s website. It has a new display technology with higher contrast, a faster processor, improved touch technology and exclusive features that have been “designed from the ground up” for readers. The new display technology offers higher contrast and better reflectivity, which means that “whites are whiter and blacks are blacker.” Amazon says that customers won’t find this level of contrast with any other e-reader. The processor is said to be 25 percent faster, which allows for a seamless reading experience as “books open and pages turn faster.” The Wi-Fi only new Kindle Paperwhite costs $119, it can be pre-ordered today, shipping starts on September 30th. The top of the line Wi-Fi + 3G Kindle Paperwhite costs $189, is expected to ship on November 5th while customers can sign up now with Amazon to be notified when it can be pre-ordered.

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