kindle-paperwhite-sequelAmazon went on the quiet by putting up a listing for a next-generation Kindle Paperwhite model, and this new e-reader looks set to be centered around an improved display that will boast of a higher contrast, improved lighting and of course, a more responsive touch input. Not only that, there is also a speedier processor underneath the hood, while Amazon themselves have already promised Goodreads integration as well as a variant of Kindle FreeTime which will hopefully, encourage little ones to pick up the habit of reading. Amazon will retail two different kinds of models – Wi-Fi and 3G versions of the new Kindle Paperwhite, where they will cost $119 and $189, respectively. As for the Wi-Fi model, there was mention of a $139 ad-free version alongside a September 30th ship date. Seems to be pretty decent pricing, don’t you think so?

Would you be picking up a next generation Amazon Kindle Paperwhite when it finally arrives, or are you pretty much happy with what you have at the moment? I believe when it comes to the next evolutionary leap for e-book readers, it might take more than just upgraded specs to convince someone to make a jump, but hey – that is just my personal thoughts. How about you?

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