apple-app-storeHarder, faster, better, stronger, these tend to be adjectives used to describe different ways that we always seek to improve ourselves as well as the surrounding around us. After Apple’s rollout of the iOS 7 as well as iTunes 11.1, it seems that there is something else that Apple did. That so happens to be an increase in the limit for App Store downloads that were initiated via cellular networks, and the new figure to represent this would be 100MB per app restriction, making it double the previous cap of 50MB.

This increase in over-the-air downloads could not be introduced in a timelier manner, considering how it is just a couple of days before both the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c are launched to the general masses. The new iPhone 5s flagship device is tipped to continue pushing development of advanced apps in the right direction, thanks to the increased hardware performance underneath the hood. Of course, once again, do bear in mind that this cap increase will “reveal itself” so to speak, when you want to download more than 100MB of data via a cellular network, and it is always recommended to do so via a Wi-Fi network instead whenever possible, and on a full battery charge, too.

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