With the launch of the iOS 7, Apple will introduce iTunes Radio to its mobile devices. The feature is expected to be a rival to Pandora and will basically allow users to stream music via their iOS devices rather than just storing them outright on their phone. For those looking to explore new music and save space on their mobile devices, we expect iTunes Radio should be a feature worth looking to. However to make the service even better, CNET has reported that Apple is currently on the lookout for music programmers who have extensive knowledge regarding music genres such as Latin, metal, and alternative.

These programmers are expected to help with the radio programming on featured stations that play the genres mentioned above, and are expected to be tasked with selecting and promoting songs based on the releases from both major and indie music labels. The requirements Apple has set includes about five years of experience and knowledge in retail, radio, A&R, editorial, record labels, and other music-related fields, and an understanding of how the music business operates.

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