wow-connected-realmsWhen it comes to games that requires gamers to farm and grind many hours to find specific items or mine raw materials that can be sold, it’s quite a boring task and some gamers have resorted to using bots to do the dirty work for them. Unfortunately for a lot of games, the use of bots is considered to be against the terms of use and companies such as Blizzard have banned player accounts for using bots in the past.

The developer has been in the courts fighting Bossland GmbH, a company that developed the Honorbuddy bot that has been used in World of Warcraft, and according to a recent report, Blizzard has since reportedly forked out a whopping €650,000 that would see the sales of the bot banned at least as far as Germany is concerned.

This is thanks to a ruling back in 2013 where the courts stated that if Blizzard wished for the sales of the bot to be banned in Germany, they’d have to pay that amount. This was confirmed by one of the developers who stated that players in Germany will no longer be able to purchase or authenticate the bots from now on.

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