china-console-ban-liftedEarlier this year, we brought you word that China was considering to lift its 12-year game console ban, and this was also reiterated sometime in the middle of this year. We are glad to say that the world’s most populous country has just lifted up this 13-year ban which would mean the gaming machines will be made available throughout the country. There is one particular drawback, however, the Ministry of Culture will still need to approve each console, and we do not really have an idea on how this kind of concept would work.

This would mean that gamers over in China would have picked up a key victory that they have been hankering after for a fair number of years. An announcement made by China’s State Council, which happens to be the country’s top decision-maker, did tout that companies will soon be able to begin selling game consoles. It remains to be seen just which particular reason would it take for a selected console to be banned from sale, though. Now it would be interesting to see which of the big three – Nintendo’s Wii U, the Xbox 360 from Microsoft, and Sony’s PS3m that will make the biggest splash in that country. Or even better, how about next generation consoles when they are released?

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