Google+ has received two new features today, embedded posts is one of them. Google says that they’ve added this feature to expand user’s audience across the web. Public Google+ posts can now be added to websites. Posts with all kinds of content, like pictures, text and other media, are supported. The embedded posts are fully active, so visitors can comment and +1 and even follow the post’s owner inline, straight from the embed box. To embed a Google+ post, one needs to find a public post and select Embed post from the drop down menu. A code is automatically generated which only needs to be copied and pasted on to a website.

The other feature is the expansion of author attribution in Google Search. Google’s authorship program links an author’s work which shows up in search results to their Google+ page. The feature offers greater attribution for authors across the web. Authors who use WordPress will see their picture and profile next to links to their posts in search results if they sign in using Google+. This feature is actually being piloted with WordPress and Typepad, Google says that it is also working with a number of other websites such as WikiHow and

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