IntelLogo1A wine-powered processor? That certainly sounds rather out of whack if you ask us, but then again, stranger things have happened in the past. Intel has done pretty well for itself in the microprocessor industry to say the least over the years, but this time around, they figure out that they can take yet another step forward. For starters, Intel has shown off a particular prototype of a processor which happens to be so energy efficient, it is capable of being powered by a single glass of wine, now how about that?


This is made possible thanks to the acetic acid in the red wine itself which in turn, will be able to produce a fair amount of energy required to power the processor. Sounds like a familiar process to those who are huge fans of science? That is because this is pretty much the same method used to power other devices such as a light bulb using potatoes as batteries. Needless to say, a wine-powered laptop is going to be far from affordable considering the amount of wine you would need, but at least it is an impressive tech demonstration that gives us something to mull over. Interesting times are ahead of us, no?

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