iOS users have been looking forward to iOS 7 ever since it was detailed by Apple earlier this summer. Hopefully during tomorrow’s Apple event, we’ll hear when exactly iOS 7 will be released, but until then, we’ll be stuck with iOS 6.1.4, which up until today, has yet to be jailbroken. That all changes today as iOS 6.1.4, which was released back in May for iPhone 5 users, has officially been jailbroken by Winocm.


Prior to iOS 6.1.4, Evasion seemed to have had the upper hand when it came to jailbreaking previous iOS version as it sometimes took just a few days to offer a jailbroken version of the latest version. This time, the honor of saying “FIRST!” when it comes to jailbreaking iOS 6.1.4 goes to Winocm who has gone through the trouble of uploading some of the code which makes it possible for the jailbreak to work in iOS 6.1.4.

Unfortunately, the jailbreak isn’t as easy as directing your iOS device to a web page to have it jailbroken. The process Winocm uses is a bit more involved as you’ll need to fiddle with your own kernel exploits in addition to using Winocm’s. In other words, you probably won’t be able to jailbreak your iOS device just yet.

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