Yesterday we caught a glimpse of the fifth-gen iPad as it was compared on video against its predecessor. Now the folks responsible for the video, Unbox Therapy  have released a new video like they promised, except this time we are looking at the iPad mini 2 which gets compared against the fifth-gen iPad and the original iPad mini. It should be noted that the devices compared aren’t the actual final units and that they are merely the shells of the tablets, meaning that these could have easily been sourced from a parts supplier, rather than the actual working device, but it still gives us a very good idea of what to expect nonetheless.

The iPad mini 2 appears to be identical to the current iPad mini in terms of design and dimensions, although if there’s one difference that is noticeable would be its Apple logo that appears to be a mirrored silver logo that is slightly smaller, but other than that they appear to be similar. One of the key differences expected in the iPad mini 2 would be its Retina display which has since been somewhat contentious. There are reports that suggest that the iPad mini 2 will not launch with a Retina display, while other reports claim otherwise. In any case either iPad is not expected to debut at Apple’s 10th of September event, but could be pegged for a launch later in the year, so check back with us then for the details!

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