Apple’s next-gen iPad is rumored to have taken some design cues from the iPad mini. This includes making it thinner as well as having narrower bezels on the side which gives the illusion of a larger display. This was “confirmed” in leaked photos that showed off the fifth-gen iPad’s front panel that showed off its narrower bezel, and now thanks to a video uploaded by Unbox Therapy, the fifth-gen iPad’s design has been pretty much “confirmed”, although until Apple actually unveils the device themselves, we suggest approaching it with a hint of skepticism.


The video unfortunately does not show off a fully functional iPad, but rather an empty shell that is supposedly that of the fifth-gen iPad. The video then goes on to compare the iPad against its predecessor, showing off the tablet’s slightly smaller form factor, not to mention the design is indeed reminiscent of the iPad mini where the edges aren’t as dramatically curved as the previous iPad. According to the video, the new form factor of the iPad is more comfortable to hold and for those with big hands, it appears that it would be possible to hold the entire device in one hand!

In any case if you have a couple of minutes to spare, do check it out in the video above. No word on when Apple will announce their new iPads, but it is likely that it will not happen during Apple’s 10th of September event where the company’s new iPhones are expected to be announced.

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