iphone5s-sampleIn an industry where megapixels are used to signify how “good” a camera is, it is without doubt that there are many iPhone users out there and Apple fans who felt disappointed that the iPhone 5S did not sport a sensor with more megapixels, but instead retained its 8MP one. Photographers on the other hand might be somewhat relieved, and maybe even thankful that the sensor has been kept at 8MP, with a larger surface area and added with an aperture of f/2.2 that should allow pretty decent low-light photography. In any case we expect we will need review the device for ourselves before a conclusion can be made, but in the meantime Apple has uploaded some sample photos that were taken by the iPhone 5S onto its website.

Safe to say the photos are stunning and if we did not know any better or bothered to zoom in on the details, these photos could have easily been passed off as taken by a more high-end DSLR camera used by professionals! Of course we expect Apple had probably set it up in optimal conditions to capture the best photo possible, but even then the details are still quite amazing. For those wondering how the 8MP iPhone 5S camera fares, hit up Apple’s website and take a look for yourself! Anyone else still disappointed by the lack of a larger sensor?

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