BTT_vRkCEAAQP2BBack in 2011, Hideo Kojima revealed that the studio was working on Metal Gear Solid 5, and a trailer for the game has since been revealed at E3 earlier this year. While the graphics on the game is nothing short of stunning, it seems that Hideo Kojima has been paying extra attention to the design of the game’s characters as well, and it seems that making them more erotic has been on his agenda as of late. This was revealed by Kojima himself in a series of tweets, where he stated that he has been asking Metal Gear Solid 5’s art director, Yoji Shinkawa, to make the characters look more erotic.


According to Kojima, “I’ve been ordering to Yoji to make the character more erotic, and he did it well.” So what’s the reason behind making them more erotic? Fan service, perhaps? While he did not state that as one of the reasons, he did state that by making characters more erotic, “it will make u [sic] want to do cosplay or its figurine to sell well.” He then went on to post a picture of one of the characters in game, which he claims might not be cosplayable due to it being rather raunchy in nature. In any case we don’t expect the more erotic character designs to detract from the gaming experience, but we suspect it could be somewhat distracting at the same time. What do you guys think?

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