203041-gta_london_del_psxIf you have ever played the older versions of Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto way back in the day, you might recall the London expansion pack that would basically be Grand Theft Auto, except that it takes place in London. It was a novel idea and we’re sure many gamers got a kick out of it, but unfortunately if you were hoping that Rockstar do something similar again, except with Grand Theft Auto 5 graphics, you’d be out of luck. According to Rockstar’s Dan Houser, a new GTA London game would be very unlikely, although London is definitely a place the developers would like to revisit in the future for a different franchise.

Speaking to the Guardian, “I think for us, my gut feeling is, GTA London was cool for the time, but games were more limited then […] These days I think we would love to set a game in the UK, set in London, whatever, but I don’t know if it would be a GTA game. I think there are plenty of great stories we could tell about the UK, great environments to showcase, great gameplay mechanics that could have a UK bent to them–I just don’t think it would be a GTA necessarily.” What do you guys think? What other countries would you like to see the GTA franchise try to emulate?

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