pantech-im-a890kIt goes without saying that unreleased devices will need to pick up their fair share of certification before they are able to be released for the general masses. Well, it was not too long ago that the Pantech IM-A890S was seen on the Bluetooth Certification database, where it also revealed then that this particular device looks set to be the world’s first LTE-Advanced device with fingerprint recognition capability. Good things come in more than one I suppose, as there seems to be a different variant which has picked up Bluetooth Certification, too, and that would come in the form of the Pantech IM-A890K.

This would mean that the Pantech IM-A890K would arrive with Bluetooth connectivity for sure, and yet again, the very same “signature” surfaces, that is, the Pantech IM-A890K will feature fingerprint recognition capability, as well as being an LTE-Advanced device. I suppose with this in mind, anticipation runs rather high that a different variant known as the Pantech IM-A890L is also tipped to be on the receiving end of Bluetooth Certification sometime down the road. How far do you think that fingerprint recognition capability is going to go in the realm of smartphones, and will its potential be maximized eventually?

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