pvz2-25milPopCap Games must certainly be revelling in the success of Plants vs Zombies 2, where this particular title on the iOS platform has already hit the 25 million download mark, just nearly a fortnight after reportedly achieving the 16 million download mark. Still, despite this frightening figure, there does not seem as though there will be an Android version of the title in sight. It would be interesting to see just how much higher the 25 million mark could jump to should Plants vs Zombies 2 be made available on the top mobile OS in the world, right?

We were teased with a Crop Circles video yesterday, and that might bode a new expansion for the title on the iOS platform. Perhaps by the time Crop Circles arrives, those of us who are rocking to the Android platform might eventually end up with a freshly minted copy of Plants vz Zombies 2? One can wish, can they not? In fact, the impressive 25 million download mark within half a month is already more downloads compared to the total that the original received on iOS. If you happen to own an iOS device, how has your experience been with Plants vs Zombies 2 so far, or you haven’t yet downloaded it? [Press Release]

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