When it comes to the major mobile carriers in the US, most of the smartphone and tablet news revolves around them, but once in a while, you get one of the smaller players in the market such as Republic Wireless making waves. Case in point, Republic Wireless was recently reported to put the Moto X from Motorola on offer for $299 sans a contract, which is a pretty sweet deal when you think about it. This time around, we have another device that is rumored to make its way to Republic Wireless soon, namely the Motorola DVX.

Just in case you are wondering what Republic Wireless is all about, they are a low-priced hybrid carrier that will offer a combination of VoIP and network coverage from Sprint. This particular carrier will charge its subscribers $5 a month for a Wi-Fi only option, while it will cost you $25 monthly for a talk, text and 3G data package, and for those who want the whole works, a $40 monthly fee is levied for a talk, text and 4G data plan. The Motorola DVX is widely believed to be a low cost version of the Moto X, where it will feature swappable, colored backplates that allows those who want to personalize their handset to a certain extent to do so.

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