sony_qx10_q10_shot-620x400 (1)During IFA 2013, Sony announced the lens camera accessory, the QX10 and the QX100. Both devices would play nicely with Android and iOS smartphones as long as users were to install the PlayMemories Mobile app. Unfortunately what this means is that Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10 users would be out of luck, although in the case of BlackBerry 10 users, if you know what you’re doing, you should be able to sideload the app onto your device and get it to work, and a recent photo has surfaced showing the QX10 attached to a BlackBerry Q10.

While BlackBerry devices support NFC and WiFi, we guess the only thing missing would be a native app itself, but we guess if you’re desperate, learning how to sideload the app will do in a pinch. The QX10 and QX100 are Sony’s latest photography-related products and will offer smartphone users a “better” way to take photos on their phone with better quality and control. The QX10 features the sensor found on the Sony W150, while the QX100 will sport the RX100MII’s sensor. They are admittedly pricey for accessories, but for those looking to take their photography to the next level, these accessories might just do the trick.

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